Hola friends, Which developers on the internet have made an impact in your life? Let's share their names on this public forum and give some respect!

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Here are a few names that are coming to my mind right now! They are all awesome and I follow them everywhere on the internet.

  1. James Kyle - For being bold and straightforward always!
  2. Quincy Larson - Hard work for the beginners.
  3. Chris Coyier - For teaching me CSS! 🎉 😀
  4. David Heinemeier Hansson - "You're better off with a kick-ass half than a half-assed whole." 👈 Nothing can beat this!
  5. Max Stoiber - "I tried studying twice, and gave up both times because there was almost 0 overlap with my interests." - link
  6. Rachel Andrew
  7. Dan Abramov

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  1. Casey Muratori from Handmade Hero
  2. Mike Acton from Insomniac Games
  3. Uncle Bob Martin from Clean Coders
  4. Fabian Wosar from Emsisoft
  5. Chris Rose (Youtube Channel "What's A Creel")
  6. Karsten Hahn (struppigel) from G DATA
  7. Igor Skochinsky from Hex-Rays
  8. Peter Ferrie from Symantec
  9. Ange Albertini (Corkami) who currently works at Google
  10. Bruce Schneier

There are probably others I forgot but each of them has had an impact on me and/or my career.

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I love the guy — Casey. He has been so influential in the field of Game Development. I have seen the names Bink and RAD so many times as a kid playing games; when I came to know of him as one of the leads behind these technologies; I had a fanboy moment.

Casey and Jonathan Blow are great friends! As an aside, I think you would enjoy this 👇 :D — Game Developer's Conference 2007 Programmer's Challenge!

Written by Jeff Roberts and Casey Muratori, who also hosted the event, questions on everything from Dijkstra's algorithm to strangely named Gundam games garnered huge laughs from competitors Josh Adams, Brian Jacobson, Chris Hecker, Eric Malafeew, Jonathan Blow, and Chris Butcher, as well as the audience.

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I can think of three, out of the top of my head... along with the quotes that have struck a chord!

Bret Victor

The true way transcends the minutia of Skill. There is no "Technology". There is no "Design". There is only a vision of how mankind should be, and the relentless resolve to make it so. The rest is details.

This is the Way that I teach.

Jonathan Blow

Things that are personal have flaws, they have vulnerabilities. If you don’t see a vulnerability in somebody then you probably are not relating to them on a very personal level.

It’s the same with game design. Making [Braid] was about, let me take my deepest flaws and vulnerabilities, let me put them in the game and see what happens.

Daisuke Amaya

Also, this guy 👇

Edmund McMillen


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xem - opened my eyes to what JavaScript can do and the joys of creative coding

Cantelope - incredibly inspiring 3D programmer and very helpful to learners

Aemkei - mind-boggling JavaScript explorations and code golf tricks

Leah Culver - an inspiration for programming and web development, she follows her passion and makes whatever she's doing look fun

Sara Soueidan - absolutely top of the world in SVG knowledge and the kind of developer (and person) I want to become more like

Wes Bos because his JS course was interesting

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