Why do you prefer what you prefer? CSS class names: Hyphenated, camelCase or any other style?

Just wanted to hear opinions of many developers as to why they prefer to write classnames in a particular style. Here are the options:

Hyphenated: .my-first-div

Camel Case: .myFirstDiv

No style: .myfirstdiv

If I have missed any style, please mention it and explain why you use it.

PS: I don't opinions on which is better. The question is why do you prefer a particular style of writing className. :)

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Mario Giambanco's photo


I never understand why people use -'s. You can't double click on the class name and select the entire thing.

Marco Alka's photo

Hyphens work nicely as separators of parts of the name, for example


However you are right, maybe I should give underscores a try for the pure part-names

Tigran Sargsyan's photo

You made me think. To highlight entire simple selector in CSS on double click, in Sublime Text, I added this:

"word_separators": "/\':,;<>~!@^&*|+{}`~?"

in "Preferences -> Settings - Syntax Specific". How did I live without this before?! :)

Adrien N.'s photo

Tough one. 馃懡

There's a lot of writing on that and many things appeared: BEM, SMACSS, ITCSS, OCSS, Atomic CSS, ACSS...

tl;dr I don't like the BEM mixing dashes and underscores so I stick with dashes (kebab-case 馃挭) and have short one word component name.

In the end, that's basically mixing all good ideas up and do something like:

  • .{component} that's my basic thing & I try to have short classes names. For example: .card or .gallery ;
  • .{component}-{subcomponent} for subcomponent eg. .gallery-item or .search-filter ;
  • .{component}--{variant} for alternatives or states, for example: .card--highlight or .gallery--list or .gallery--grid or .search-filter--active
  • .js-*, for javascript selectors that are not meant to be styled but states for specific behavior (such as display: none;)

All of this, following Brad Frost's Atomic Design 馃敳 which is awesome.


I know that there's a trend called "styled component" too, using style attribute and javascript and ditch almost completely css whatsoever; see the heated topic on hashnode about CSS in JS / Styled Components.

Chris DeMars's photo

I am a huge fan of BEM since it is very modular. Even though it has the potential to cause bloat in the code, classes are still easily maintainable.

Atul Sharma's photo

I personally use .my-first-div

camelcase class names make me little un-comfortable to work with

Mev-Rael's photo

Most coding styles and I prefer lisp case .my-first-div

P.S. there are also others like BEM.

Palak Bhalala's photo

Personally, I like to use Camel case or _style or no style which easier to select on double click! ;)

Marco Alka's photo

I am a huge Harry-Roberts fan, so BEM+ITCSS+namespaces+extra, hyphenated. Example:

<div class="
  o-menu__item / js-menu__item