Why I started #100DaysOfCode challenge ?

First of all am very lazy and I always postpone to do things, though I get motivated by reading stories of successful persons and inspiring challenges, but all gets vanished at EOD.

So I started to challenge among my friends, colleagues that I will do learn something, or I develop an app or code for some time each day. Initially, I started to do all these things and gradually left and they stopped asking the same.

This time I decided that I need to follow something which will keep myself motivated, responsible and committed to overcoming my laziness. So I decided to enroll myself in #100DaysOfCode challenge. Which am really committed to it and post the status/challenges in twitter, in my blog(medium).

What am planning to learn/do in this challenge or 100days

  • Learn new things (Vue js, node, MongoDB)
  • Build real-time applications
  • Keep my skills refreshed
  • Make myself more productive each day
  • Teach someone, what I learned each day of my challenge
  • Write a blog daily about my challenge and how I keep myself motivated each day


  • Starting to learn Vue from Udemy
  • Wrote this blog
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