Why is beer called a developer's best friend?

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I thought it was coffee. That seems more productive...

But I'll leave this here (xkcd):

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Helps you forget the mistakes you make.

And helps you make more, so it's a very sustainable solution. Sustainability is good, right?

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Wouldn't know, I've been dry and clean since 1994... though IMHO it just makes you stupid.

I have a low tolerance for being around 'impaired' people.

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Code is Art and problems often need creative solutions. Alcohol, in general, seems to improve creativity, so finding a solution under the influence of good tasting beer might be easier than when sober.

However, alcohol also has another effect: it clouds the mind. Logical thinking might be degraded, so actually sitting down and implementing the creative solution is problematic.

From personal experience, I found solutions to many problems while having a good time in a pub with friends, however, I was always glad that I just wrote them down (send a message to yourself on your phone). The few times I actually tried were rather tiresome experiences...

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Every developers back is bound towards the PC. And needs some refreshment. The beer is a token of refreshment.

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