Should web developers switch from Windows to Linux for work?

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better file system, easier access to development tools / libs come to mind :) unless you do game programming :)

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yes :D that's true, for me it's mainly I just like linux :D ...

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Better how?

And why Linux and not Mac?

I don't have problem with Windows. Well, file-system's case insensitivity might be the only one in rare cases.

Final answer:

Use what you know the best and feel comfortable yourself with. Professional web developer should use both Windows and Mac at least for testing and understanding user experience, there are also some tools which are available only for Mac/Win.

The console of linux is better than windows, you can install a lot of software, and you can take benefit from docker for example. It's more easy to configure and make deployments on it :)

If after Linux some nice distros are ones like ElementaryOS. I only use MacOS and iOS devices for my development work, for me it's the systems, performance and is the tools that are only available on Mac and iOS devices. Apps like Sequel Pro, Textastic, Transmit, xCode.

Look at what you use for software/tools and what will work best based on that.

No, there is no significance difference or advantage. Except for the terminal. But you can use bash in windows 10. This feature is in beta currently.

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