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Why you should focus on fewer technologies in 2021

Osinachi Chukwujama 's photo
Osinachi Chukwujama
·Dec 29, 2020·

4 min read


The tech space is constantly changing. New technologies are realeased weekly. Javascript developers can attest to this. Every year, new frameworks are realeased. But with all the hype, you shouldn't speed all your time trying to keep up with the pace. Intead, you should focus on improving your existing skills or gaining new skills that will help you in your work.

The star vs T-shaped developer

The star-shaped dev

The star shaped developer tries to be a jack of all trades. They spread their wing on every area of tech that catches their intrest. They constantly want to play with the shiny tools to get some sort of satisfaction. Their strength lies in learning and exploring new technologies, maybe even building cool things in the process. The will eventually not attain experitise in many things.

The T-shaped dev

The T-shaped developer has a similar drive to learn new things, but they focus on less. The are experts in a particular area, but can still do one or two in other areas.

The type of developer you'll eventually be is your choice. But id you want to be very valuable, consider becoming an expert in a particular field.

How can I focus on fewer technologies?

Let's assume you want to focus on frontend development. You recently learned react and are planning on learning Vue soon. But you really want to learn Kubernestes for some reason. You can prevent yourself from moving too far from your focus by

  1. Wagering money to a friend, telling them to keep it if you migrate too much. Of course you have to define what migrate too much means
  2. Affirm to yourself sentences like I will stick to frontend development, I won't dabble too much this year
  3. Find interesting things frontend developers can do and do them


What you eventually become is up to you. But always be learning, no matter what. Hey, I wrote this entire post from the nano text editor on my terminal. Trying out cool stuff is usually worth it. You can write on Hashnode from your terminal too. Just install this CLI.

npm i -g hashnode-cli

Thanks for reading. Geeky Adios ✌🧡.