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Will my Angular 2 App go LIVE with Angular 2 Prod build after 5-6 months ? or with just some RC builds ?

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VignesH KumaR
·Jul 2, 2016


Can I use Angular 2 for my web application, which I am starting from the scratch and needs to go LIVE in next 4 - 5 months (6 months max) ?

I need to give a tech proposal to my heads, about my framework selection, etc., I know its in Release Candidate-3 right now.

  1. Any info / rumor among the Angular 2 internal team guys / contributing community on the when-abouts of the production release ? Any approximate timelines ?
  2. Will there be more RC builds ?
  3. Can I kick start my project with RC-3 itself and start building things with that, hoping that my app will go LIVE with Angular 2 Prod (and not with just RCx build itself - not advisable, not intended as well) , after 5-6 months ?

Appreciate your help in advance.