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Will video games really be the path to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies?

Will video games really be the path to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies?

Dan Rusnac's photo
Dan Rusnac
·Oct 29, 2018

On the one hand, in fact, video games are downloadable content where you can easily integrate a wallet inside making the experience almost unchanged and having as a basis the Blockchain for the various digital content collectable within the game makes a lot of sense (those content can also gain much value if earned within the game) by creating ecosystems and communities around these objects. In addition, many times video games are at the cutting edge of technology adoption and can push these technological innovations much more quickly than other industries.

On the other hand, however, in my opinion, many now don't take into account what the gamers really want.

Who creates these products must realize that the gamers do not buy a game because there is the Blockchain or microtransactions with cryptocurrencies but buy a game because it is beautiful and fun. Games serve as an escape and a break from reality not to have financial independence.

The videogamer does not care that the digital dress he bought is not "really his", he has never had this doubt. And knowing that there is a risk of losing everything if you lose your private key is an aspect that should not be underestimated. Having a customer service that helps you re-open accounts where you spent thousands of dollars on objects is a trivial matter.

If you even talk about video games where you earn crypto by playing what sense and value would have those cryptos? What value can have a cryptocurrency if you earn it by shooting Nazis on Battlefield 1? Why would someone buy it? Of course, the crypto could be used within the game to buy other things ... but it is already so.

It's a bit like Monopoly: it's good that we invented paper banknotes, but that's not why people will buy the board game, in fact, being able to print money to Monopoly would probably ruin the game itself. And I do not buy Monopoly to print money. I buy it to play. I'm pretty sure I do not need absolute security and a coin to enjoy a game. I just need basic rules or code to make sure that most people do not cheat. But I do not need a decentralized network to play Monopoly.

The solution would be to combine business with pleasure, creating beautiful games produced by big software houses with this technology behind, which is a pity that they will never agree to change their core business to implement a technology that will only make them lose money.