Zero to One: How I mastered JavaScript and how you can too

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Thanks Petrov. This is really inspiring

Thanks @Kleo. I will give it a try

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Thanks for the hints, really appreciate! A tutorial that I really like is this one: It's really concise and straight to the point. I also did an interactive test based on it:

Nice resources! I use Codewars for these kind of exercises. It's social oriented and the challanges are organizes in categories, based on difficulty. Also, the diversity of supported languages are great - JavaScript, CofeeScript, TypeScript, PHP, Haskell, Elexir, PHP, Java, C++, C#, Python, etc.

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never stop learning

@Kleo this is what people should always do. Great read, great article!

Thank you, @fibric. I'm really looking forward to your article too!

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Mate you are awesome. Worth reading.

Happiness is some one describing about the JavaScript. And moreover I had the same feeling like getting frustrated, but here the reason is little bit different. During my day job i don't have any work to do (I haven't associated with any project). Later I decided to work on my projects. As a frontend developer, I have consumed github's api lot. Used to ship my code to github. Got good feedback from the people around the world. I have started building my writing portfolio also.

All here I wanted to convey, don't wait for anyone to assign you project.

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Thx... really helpful

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