Zero to One: How I mastered JavaScript and how you can too


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Thanks Petrov. This is really inspiring

Thanks @Kleo. I will give it a try

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Thanks for the hints, really appreciate! A tutorial that I really like is this one: It's really concise and straight to the point. I also did an interactive test based on it:

Nice resources! I use Codewars for these kind of exercises. It's social oriented and the challanges are organizes in categories, based on difficulty. Also, the diversity of supported languages are great - JavaScript, CofeeScript, TypeScript, PHP, Haskell, Elexir, PHP, Java, C++, C#, Python, etc.

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never stop learning

@Kleo this is what people should always do. Great read, great article!

Thank you, @fibric. I'm really looking forward to your article too!

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I enjoyed this. Very good advice. I'm a little surprised you didn't mention Eric Elliott. His content is great especially for people who struggle with learning from books. Great webcasts that walk you through code in his Shotgun series. Full disclosure. I'm his wife and a tech agent who helps devs get jobs. Thanks for giving good advice to the community. Yay!

Thank you @JS_Cheerleader! I really admire Eric's work. I follow his JavaScript Scene on Medium from the beginning. Most of his articles are in my dev-log. Now that I though of it, I see his Programming JavaScript Applications missing from the list.

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Mate you are awesome. Worth reading.

Happiness is some one describing about the JavaScript. And moreover I had the same feeling like getting frustrated, but here the reason is little bit different. During my day job i don't have any work to do (I haven't associated with any project). Later I decided to work on my projects. As a frontend developer, I have consumed github's api lot. Used to ship my code to github. Got good feedback from the people around the world. I have started building my writing portfolio also.

All here I wanted to convey, don't wait for anyone to assign you project.

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