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Case Study: Fix

Fix blog - How Hashnode Headless CMS improved content workflow

Fix is an asset inventory for AWS security posture founded by Lukas Lösche, Lars Kamp, and Matthias Veit with the theme, “the desire to fix all the things”. Fix was created to transform security from a blocker to an enabler.

With the aim of improving security, the team wanted to build a blog and use a subpath because it's better for SEO than having a different subdirectory. They needed to customize the blogs and have a consistent look and feel for blog posts, while also having something unique. They could achieve all of this with Headless Hashnode.

The Fix team had two major problems that prompted them to look for a Headless CMS solution:
  • For their blogs, they used Markdown and committed files to a GitHub repository. However, this process was not easy for the entire team to follow and get up to speed with.
  • With the above setup being difficult, it was also a cumbersome process to preview the content.
With features such as:
  1. WYSIWYG markdown editor
  2. GitHub backup
  3. Image CDN and optimization
  4. Unlimited API usage
  5. Powerful blog dashboard with tools like analytics, widgets, newsletters, and more
  6. Real-time collaborative editing
  7. AI-assisted writing

The Fix team finds the greatest benefit in the built-in SEO capabilities, exposure to the Hashnode tech community, and ease of customization.

If you want to achieve the same success for your blogs, give Headless Hashnode a try or get in touch with our team.

“Headless Hashnode presents an innovative approach to blog management. The well-documented GraphQL APIs make it straightforward to build and deploy a blog, and using Hashnode as our blog CMS offers an authoring experience that's a pleasure to use without sacrificing customizability. It's a win-win for both developers and content creators.”

Doris H.

Developer Advocate, Fix

Doris H.

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