15 Interesting Developer Articles to Read This Week

Hackathon Presenter Tips.

by Frank Tamre
Here are a few fantastic tips for your next presentation by Frank. Give it a read.

[JavaScript] - How to craft intuitive and self-documenting code

by Ady Ngom
How do you write a code which is easy to read and understand? Ady claims that many projects get abandoned mainly because they aren't easy to understand or intuitive. Read on to know how you can fix your codebase.

Ways to Empty an Array in JavaScript and the Consequences

by Tapas Adhikary
Emptying an Array in JavaScript is easy. However, do you know what goes behind the scene? Read to understand the process in depth.

[JavaScript] Why do we need tests?

by Amrit Pandey at CodeCareer Blog
Learn how to set up testing in Node.js using Mocha and Lodash.

How to make your HTML responsive by adding a single line of CSS

by Per Borgen
Making an HTML responsive in 2019 shouldn't be a big deal. Per shows us how to make a website responsive with just one line of code.

Introduction to Web Accessibility

by Bolaji Ayodeji
Understand the meaning of Accessibility and Web Accessibility Guidelines through this interesting article. Read why it'll be a stupid decision if you don't make your website accessible for all.

Functional JavaScript: Traversing Trees with a Recursive Reduce

by James Sinclair
Understand Tress, Traversing, and Recursive Reduce with examples from this article.

Making Web Great with Service Workers and PWA

by Ankit Ghosh
This article covers Service Workers and PWA in depth. Read to create a simple PWA in no time.

Why Web Accessibility Is Important and How You Can Accomplish It

by Oyetoke Tobiloba Emmanuel
Here's another interesting article on Web Accessibility and why it's crucial for every website.

Building A Killer Personal Brand

by Egwuenu Gift
What's personal branding? Why is it important? And how to get started? Egwuenu beautifully explains these important questions in this article. You wouldn't want to skip this.

How to communicate in a remote company

by Nathan Ganser
How would you effectively run a 50 member remote team? Read to find out why having proper communication is very crucial for every team.

Ins and Outs of Flutter Web

by Nash Ramdial
Google's Flutter is getting popular among developers day by day. It's used to develop modern apps faster and effectively. Today, Flutter can be used on the web too! This article has all the details.

Drawing Image on Github Contribution Graph

by dhanushka madushan
Read how you can hack Github's contribution graph by understanding the underlying mechanism of Git.

You might not need that $15K coding bootcamp

by Per Borgen
The steep price of coding bootcamps ends up excluding a lot of people. Are they worth that much amount? Here are some interesting points about free vs paid camps.

Advantages of using MacBook (Devs only)

By Amit Chambial
Planning to buy a new laptop? Here are some reasons to chose Macbook over Windows and Linux based laptops.

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