5 npm modules you can't live without?

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For me the basic bundlers are the core requirement of every day work; rest is with WebComponents, and by design, this should not need too much support from other packages. Here are my all time needed packages

These would be used almost all the time, no matter what changes for the project.

  • webpack : with this entry I mean to have a bundler, I liked parcel a lot as well, though never used in a mainstream project. Someday I will make a full use of parcel and give webpack some rest ;)

  • babel : well it is pretty clear about why any JS project will use this and supporting packages. Though it is not the only player. with very few changes, TypeScript is a good replacement; maybe someday, not today.

  • eslint : nothing to add here, and no intentions to replace this. There might be alternatives; I would prefer to just know one tool to do this job and bother less about linting.

  • jest : a good test environment; very few people will disagree but that is a use case based opinion, my opinion as well. Let's see if I would need to change it.

  • postcss : This is to preprocess the css; and in my efforts to move away from LESS and SCSS, this is the best available tool. Nothing against LESS or SASS/SCSS, I would just get rid of system bindings for CSS preprocessing .

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Pankaj Patel Great list!

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