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Hi, I am a beginner in JavaScript and I want to step up now, where do you think would be the best resources and links to learn JavaScript from? And what should be my next goals / a roadmap to becoming a frontend developer? Note: Most of the places I search for topics just explain the basic stuff and do not dive deeper into explaining how things really work, and I get confused sometimes when things don't work the way they are supposed to.

And thanks for the AMA Tomasz Łakomy!

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Hey Jasbindar!

I'm (obviously) biased but (where I've published over 100 lessons already) is an absolutely excellent site with huge number of JavaScript (but not only!) lessons/courses.

I've written a bit with my history with egghead here, let me quote the relevant part:

"My story with started back in late 2015. I got an offer from this shiny new company that was interested in hiring me, so that was neat.

The problem was that a shiny new company had a shiny new stack (at the time) - ES6, React, Flux, webpack. It was fair to assume that I'd have to know those things in order to pass the interview.

You see, the problem was that my stack at work was Backbone/jQuery/Grunt and I haven't even heard of React back then (when I did, I thought that JSX was the worst idea since pinapple on a pizza).

Getting an egghead subscription allowed me to level up as a developer in a month (that was tough, I don't even want to remember how many hours I've spent each day watching lessons and courses)."

This article also contains LOTS of resources to choose from:

When it comes to goals - I'd say it's absolutely up to you! Building a project from scratch is an excellent way to learn and grow by the way, because that allows you to try out the programming theory in practice.