AMA: I'm Tomasz Łakomy. Senior Frontend Engineer. Ask me Anything!

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Hi Tomasz, thanks for this AMA.

How did you get into public speaking and how has it affected your career?
What advice would you give to aspiring programmers who look forward to speaking at meetups and/ or conferences?

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Senior Frontend Engineer at OLX Group

Hey Bolaji! No problem, thanks for having me!

Like I said in the previous reply - I actually have a whole post about this very topic!

Let me quote the relevant part:

"Do not give up. It's highly unlikely that you will get accepted by the first conference you submit your talk to. Or the fifth.

Start with local community events. They're easier to get to than major conferences and you'll get your first experiences as a public speaker in a more comfortable setting. Those kinds of events are often recorded, which is a valuable addition to your CFP. In addition, give a talk at a knowledge sharing event at work. Next up - speaking at a conference.

At this stage, you most likely want to apply to as many events as you can (but don't send a CSS Grid talk proposal to a .NET conference). Be prepared to receive lots of "unfortunately your talk was not selected for X" emails. Or no feedback at all.

Keep on rocking."

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Dev Evangelist & Outreach at Hashnode

Thanks for this amazing insight Tomasz Łakomy

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