AMA: I'm Tomasz Łakomy. Senior Frontend Engineer. Ask me Anything!

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Hi Tomasz and thank you for your time and your expertise!

I'll jump right into it: my objective is to become a full stack developer and get a remote job as soon as possible.

1) I started the 2020 web developer bootcamp on Udemy but switched to,

2) The Responsive web design certification of FreeCodeCamp with HTML and CSS.

3) I am now learning JS on FCC but find that the exercises are not that good and that JS is much more complex than HTML and CSS but I will persevere.

4) I'm still learning but I would like to clear the way forward and make sure I am not doing all this for nothing: I'd like to get in touch with experienced people in order to help on 'real-world' projects and build up my portfolio.

In that sense, it would be amazing to have your opinion on the following:

a) The most efficient way to learn JS.

b) How to be part of a community and make friends.

c) How to start working on real projects that I'll include in my portfolio.

Eager to read you,