As a software developer, how to overcome "Jack of all trades, master of none" problem?

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Iván I also know how you feel. I think the best suggestion I can give is related to your interests and popularity. The town I live in, it seems that 80% of the jobs are .NET. I used to be a ColdFusion developer, but the company I worked at started to downsize. So I learned C#. I actually love the language now. But it was a big step making the professional transition.

I am now an iOS, Android and Node.js developer. I got real interested in mobile development when the iPhone came out in 2007. So I taught myself Objective-C. I am now learning Swift. It became enough of a passion for me to where I sought out a job doing iOS development fulltime, even though it is not a common discipline in the part of Florida where I work.

I think you will find in the course of your career that you will have to learn new languages and frameworks.

Be flexible and learn things.

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I really appreciate your suggestion @davidfekke , what you say is curious because in 2014 i made a 20483 certification in C# but i haven't practice since then. Right now i'm in love with Linux i don't even use Windows but i could take advantange of .NET Core to practice C# in Linux.

Also i think i will never stop learning, but clearly i'm doing something wrong, i should pick up some technology, use as my main and learn others like now.