How do you stay productive throughout the day (say for 7-9 hours)? Do you have any tips/hacks to share?


Stay of Devmag, haha :p

I find splitting stuff up into well-defined tasks help (even if it's just an A4 piece of paper where I tick things of), when I do that, I can easily work straight through for 16 hours, if I don't split it up, I get distracted easily as I don't get that sense of progress I would have when spending 5 minutes planning what features I want to complete.

Obviously good headphones and some good long sets of electronic music helps, listening through an MP3 that's 2 hours long means you're going to sit there for two hours before considering getting up, if your MP3s are like 4 minutes each and you shuffle different genres, you will definitely get distracted every time the music changes.

Get into the habit of focussing on one thing at a time and getting it done rather than multi-tasking, context-switching between projects is expensive in terms of productivity.

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