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Jeshwanth Kumar N K's photo

I feel learning Rust needs functional programming experience, being coming from C background I am facing difficulty in solving problems rust way.

I would like to learn rust by contributing to the open source code, for now can you please recommend some rust projects where I can contribute as a beginner?

I am also interested in embedded systems, what's the plan to support micro-controllers like ARM cortexM3 and friends? Is anybody is doing work on this?

Aaron Turon's photo

I would disagree a bit that functional programming experience is needed. While Rust definitely employs ideas that originate in functional programming, these ideas are increasingly common-place -- lots of languages have closures today, for example. That said, these FP-inspired features are often a thing that people love about Rust, if they haven't encountered them before.

In terms of places to contribute, I'd point you to to get started -- we've put a ton of effort into setting up groups and mentoring to help people get involved.

Finally, for embedded systems, we already support a fair range of targets, with more coming all the time. Right now the ecosystem is pretty hobbyist-focused, but we consider this an area of great potential for Rust. Check out for more!

Steve Klabnik's photo

As for contributing, there's a big drive right now to get people involved with Rust itself and related projects! See for a big list, or to just dive in.

There's a lot of work on ARM! Check out; you use the thumbv7m-none-eabi triple for the M3. is also a very interesting project I'm excited about.

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