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How might Sass evolve to support deeper integration with JavaScript-oriented front end toolkits?

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Well, there are two ways to do this. First, there are adding hooks that would allow server-side or compile-time Javascript to hook in. We already have a large number of these implemented in Node-Sass, however, (Michael can correct me if I'm wrong) we still haven't exposed our whole tree in Javascript objects yet for wholesale manipulation. I know we've talked about it, and I know some work has been done on it. Something we definitely would love to support in Node-Sass.

The second way is integrating with browser JS. This is something that Tab Atkins has been working on.. and in fact, functions like calc() and variables are the first steps in integrating JS and CSS in the browser. This is something I'm personally really excited about. Would allow for some really interesting future developments (alternate layout methods!)

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Thank you, Hampton! I put calc() and variables together based on your earlier answer, and I'm curious to run some experiments with that approach in the future.