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Can we talk about astronomy, astrophysics, aerospace engineering, cosmology and other astro-areas in Hashnode, although Hashnode is mostly related to prgramming forum?

Gustavo Benedito Costa's photo
Gustavo Benedito Costa
·Mar 10, 2019

Yes, I'd love it! Sciences matter!


No, only programming topics.


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I have already posted the questions before:

  1. Should Hashnode support maths (using KaTeX) and allow us to discuss and have doubts about maths, physics and TeX here?

Why this question? There are astrophysicists, astronomers, aerospace engineers involving programming topics and computer science topics, together with physics and maths, in collaboration with several astro-areas, and with several areas of the NASA and other space agencies. NASA shares and distributes several NASA-related, astro-related and space-related open source GitHub projects, like CFD.