What techniques or tools do you use to keep track of your short and long term goals?


JIRA server ($10/yr). VPS ($7.99/mo).

I set up Projects for illustrations, to screenwriting, to development, to servers, to workshops, and everything inbetween.

It's how I've taught myself Agile methodology, Scrum and Kanban. Scrum being used for serious tasks and subtasks (Epics > Sprints), so I can learn proper estimations hands-on. Kanban for things like illustration, concept art, storyboarding and screenwriting so there's no pressure during the creative process - but, still retaining a sense of priorities.

The goals are primarily based-on design strategy and software development, using the projects slated with Kanban as ways to shift my productivity to a more relaxed mode, still using my time to its fullest.

Also, creating and reinforcing "in your face" reminders on a physical white board, with dry erase markers (so I'm forced to tangibly write down everything in my current sprint.)

I find that managing yourself will help you learn how to effectively manage others. The process of setting up my CentOS 7 VPS, and installing the Atlassian suite, also challenged me to deep dive into Linux, extract, execute and install everything, create backups, learn how to harden it, use more advanced bash commands, proxy domains, become more familiar with postgres, and deal with tons of problems that needed to be solved.

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