Designers and Developers thoughts on webflow?
An interesting CMS tool similar to wordpress. What are everyone's thoughts from designers to developers I'm interested to hear from those who have used it and any procs/cons and things picked up along the way of learning it.

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I've been getting lots of ads on YouTube about it, so I decided to check it out.

I love it. I've never liked WordPress, because I found the templates too limiting. They've dumbed it down (no offense to anyone) a little too far in my opinion, to where all the websites built with it look similar.

But Webflow gives you a TON of customization, and even more importantly, as a developer I can understand what it's doing. It makes sense: add elements from the left, edit their CSS with an interactive UI on the right.

And it gives you a free Webflow domain, while also making it very easy to set up a custom domain.

I'm definitely considering it for the High/Low website...

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Co-founder of High/Low

Yea, less and less people have been using web as their platform; they seem to like mobile apps better, so we thought we'd start with that and possibly make a web version later.

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As a bit of a uh... "traditional" designer, I love the tool as a theory but hate it in practice.

It's definitely something I'd use for a quick project, but for production I'll stick to good ol' css, html, js and frameworks like angular, react, and vue.

Design -> Code allows me to have more freedom with design, any tool has inherent limits. That said, it's definitely leagues ahead of most other options that are similar to it.

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I tested out Webflow and I admit that it is pretty good as a website builder. It is a website builder that needs a bit of a learning curve like, you need to be familiar about the basics of front-end web development to use Webflow on its full potential. Webflow is not a simple drag-and-drop builder for me. I am still learning to use this tool because I've been using Elementor for a while. Comparing what are the pros and cons for both.

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This is great to know! Wordpress has been the best website builder. Coding is a tedious process for many people and that's why they approach easy methods to build a website. There are many website builders like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace and now Webflow. I haven't used it yet. But, I would like to try Webflow to make a responsive and robust website.

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Webflow is really amazing, you could build any website visually without writing any single line of code.
Now, there is support for Lottie + After Effects animations