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Do you use a visual git management tool?

Yes! GitKraken


Yes! SourceTree


Yes! See comment


No! The CLI is my home


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16 answers

I use the VCS options in my IDE sometimes, does that count?

And the Github UI?

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Ok, that's true 🤔

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Most of the time I use CLI ... sometimes I use the VS Code built in option

I've been a VS Code user for quite a while, but still haven't tried any of their git options. May have to finally play with that.

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Magit is my primary interface nowadays, but i’m far from being afraid of the CLI. In fact, back at my previous company (a tech giant of some sort) where devs had to use the CLI exclusively, i was The Git Goto Guy.

Magit is a great interface and if you use Emacs you really should give it a try. If you don’t, then it’s time for a test drive ;)

However, just like with any front end for a CLI tool, you should really learn the basics first. If you don’t know what git pull does in a terminal, you won’t know what the “Pull…” option does.

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Well, yes and no. It is a long term goal of the project to create a separate magit executable that fires up an Emacs instance that exits when you exit Magit. Actually, you can already do something similar with emacs --eval '(magit-status)' except it won’t quit (you have to use Ctrl-X Ctrl-C for that).

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I hate GUI, I always choose the cli options of any software when I can. But as a Spacemacs user, Magit is the most incredible git client I ever used. I am really astonished every time I used it by its speed and its ease of use. It is a must have for any Vim or Emacs user.

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I use Git Extensions for years, easier to use than all other clients I tried.

It used to look ugly a few versions back, but now it's pretty decent.

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