Do you use a visual git management tool?

Yes! GitKraken

Yes! SourceTree

Yes! See comment

No! The CLI is my home

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I use the VCS options in my IDE sometimes, does that count?

And the Github UI?

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Ok, that's true 🤔

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Most of the time I use CLI ... sometimes I use the VS Code built in option

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I use Git Extensions for years, easier to use than all other clients I tried.

It used to look ugly a few versions back, but now it's pretty decent.

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I think it's fair to say I use a third option: CLI + web UI. Mostly CLI but using the web UI when it's the better option.

So... I do all my branching, merging, rebasing, conflict resolution etc using CLI; but I do rely on the web UI for PRs, plus it's a nicer place to dig into history if you need to.

Not saying I'd never use a GUI though, I just haven't tried one that I found compelling enough to switch. Some I find honestly harder to use, more confusing, less definite about status.

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Tower's been the best for a visual git GUI. VS Code's GUI for git isn't to shabby either.

Not a fan of SourceTree or GitKraken. Too GUI heavy at that point.

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