Full Stack Web Engineer and Hobby Game Developer


Joined 12 April 2016

More About Me

Hey everyone out there!

Nice to meet you :) My name is Marco and I am a C++ Rust / Web Developer. I work in the computing department of a big company everyone knows on future stuff, like IoT and Industry4.0 - from the perspective of someone who studied engineering and computer science.

I have two major hobby projects: A MMORPG game with many ideas which have never been implemented in a game before (maybe because they are stupid :D ) and an application host, which focuses on building a good foundation for web applications - stuff like automated security and performance optimization. You write the application, SHPS (that's what it's called) does the rest for you! If you like the idea, give it a try, open issues and maybe even help me implement all the missing stuff (I really need a helping hand!)

Either way, thanks for taking interest in me. If you want to know more about me, take a look at my homepage (caution: its old and I am working on a new one) or at my introduction in the hashtrends.

Hope to hear from you!


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