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Hey everyone out there!

Nice to meet you :) My name is Marco and I am a System (especially C++ Rust) and Web Engineer. In addition to that, I engage myself in mentoring and various other things! I work in the web engineering department of Bosch CI (Corporate Sector Information Systems & Services) in Stuttgart, Germany.

I studied B.Eng. Engineering Informatics, which means that I can do technical engineering, software engineering and anything in between. Currently, I am adding the M.Sc. Applied IT Security to my portfolio, so that the world will become a safer place for your data!

I have one major hobby projects: a VRAMMORPG game with many ideas which have never been implemented in a game before. You can see that from the insane abbreviation alone. Let's see what I can release at some point!

All in all, thanks for taking interest in me. If you want to know more about me, take a look at my homepage or one of my various profiles around the internet. Also, I am trying out setting up an unofficial Hashnode Discord server. You are invited:

Hope to hear from you!