What hobby projects are you working on?

COVID-19 gives us all a loooot of time to work on projects at home, so what stuff are you working on while you have to socially distance yourself?

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I am working mostly on my gaming stuff. Lately, I want to test out a few mechanics and techniques, so while waiting for some basic features in Amethyst, I thought about prototyping things using BabylonJS.


However, some advanced things are pretty hard in 3D, so instead I created a 2D dungeon-crawler-like game. I am using Pixi.JS for rendering the game, since it makes working with WebGL a breeze while not being overly opinionated. I easily was able to slap my ECS lib underneath, which is great for the game logic.


One thing I learned was that simplified art is a no-no for the average player, but since I am not good at drawing and arts, I decided to try and have my computer procedurally draw for me. That's useful for one of the features in my game, where stats influence the player appearance. It's definitely worth investigating, and 2D is a lot easier than 3D for now, so I can get a feeling for how to do and organize things.

I know that there already is at least one paper-doll lib for JS I know of, however I really need to experiment with it myself, and also I did not like some of the concepts...


If you are an artist and have some tips on proportions, I would love to hear about them. I am stuck with a study about Miss Korea, which I will have to use otherwise for concrete numbers (and some Manga courses, which usually are hard to translate into numbers)

Not much to see, yet, however I am back from vacation (in Japan), so let's see what I can get implemented in the coming weeks ๐Ÿš€

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Not a hobby project but this what we created a while ago over the weekend: helperhuman.in
It has two basic jobs:

  1. Add requests that a person needs
  2. Add help that a person can offer

All for a particular zip code. And it supports 18 languages. The mobile apps (Android & iOS) are also ready but review process is taking time due to pandemic.

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I am building an online gallery, not that they don't exists, but I want one that is stored on Amazon S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces and has "auto maintenance" in that sense I upload files to a folder structure and the gallery generates itself, leaving it optional to add further details (I know how lazy I am with this).

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  • Poker Management application
  • Clothing Brand
  • And a couple others.
  • thinking about getting into UE4 - wanna rebuild wing commander prophecy.

I'm spread too thin haha. But mainly focusing on the poker management application

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I am working to build a bitcoin wallet using third party API.

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I am working on a travel bucket list app, just have the overall idea not started yet. Was thinking of learning much due react hooks while building it. Let's see how it turns out to be, will share it on #ShowHashnode after my first iteration :)

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I'm working in a theft bike app which manages the reported cases by a user then affects them to an available officer to manage. Just I want to practise more typescript with react and redux and implementing something with them. BTW, I want to add notification system (I asked a question about the issue but there is no interaction according to it). The covid-19 crisis has some advantages to work on things that we haven't time to did before.

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I am building an ALU in an HDL at the moment, next week I have to build memory and then I have to write some machine codes and build a CPU and after that I have to write an assembly language for that virtual things.

Most likely after I finished this I will add the 2nd part of the course and create a programming language on top of my hardware.

Besides that. I did write some lexer for a DSL in rust. But that's it, I should read more and play less games ;D ....

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procrastination is also important, to keep motivation up and at least stay positive!

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Marco Alka well ;D since I enjoy playing games I won't argue with that ;D

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I want to build a google calendar clone with React and Django lol

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Working on a passwordless solution with a pretty interesting approach. nova-authenticator.com

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Marco Alka Thanks for the feedback. The project is pretty much work in progress as I'm trying to iron out different quirks with the prototype.

"How would you handle users without an installed mail client?" Indeed this is a problem, especially on Desktop (Windows more so). The sistem will have a fallback with magic links, as in you type in your email and receive an authentication link in your inbox. I'm also playing around with a couple of other options. If the mailto: links doesn't trigger an installed app, the login button will turn into 3 (gmail, outlook, yahoo). Clicking on either one of them will open the web version (like Gmail web) with the path set to compose a new email with everything prefilled.

"Also, how would you handle a mail from "" " The name of the person is extracted from the FROM header of the email which also includes a name. It actually looks something like this "Alan Harper sexyperson123@gmail.com". Most people do have their actual names configured in Gmail, even though their email address is something funny looking. And, lastly, websited will also have the usual Edit Your Account page where you can change the detected name if it's not right. The idea behind this is to speed up signing up to a website so you don't have to fill in any form field.

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Dragos Sebestin

The name of the person is extracted from the FROM header of the email which also includes a name.

No, only if set up correctly, I I doubt that Alan Harper would put their name in front of such an email address.

Also, don't forget that "you type in your email and receive an authentication link" fallbacks will be misused to get by with 10-min mails, even when a mail client is installed.

All in all, I like the idea, and it certainly makes registration a lot more bearable! Thank you for sharing your project, it certainly broadened my horizon.

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Was working on a web port of an Android app I'd developed: news.panda.fyi

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I'm currently working on a React PWA Project Management Board. I'm implementing and learning concepts like Higher Order Components, React Suspense and the HTML5 Drag and Drop API. Check out my Github profile github.com/aladearchives

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Working on a social networking app that could change the world. You guys gotta see this.

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Yes, this time has changed our life a little. But nothing. On the contrary, I spent more time on music. I just love to write songs, but in connection with work, I could not pay due attention to my hobby. I learned about new programs chordchord.com that help people like me in a musical combination. And I want to say that everything works out fine for me!

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Everyone should have a hobby. Then his life will be filled with more joyful emotions.