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What are some new features that you're working on? Can you spoil some of them for us?

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SPOILER ALERT Post contains unreleased Firebase features :-)

A few that I'm personally excited about:

  1. The Authentication emulator, which should make the Emulator Suite feel much more complete
  2. A re-written JS SDK that is designed to support tree-shaking so modern bundlers can only include the parts you use.
  3. Firestore is getting != queries very soon (in fact it's out now if you know where to look).
  4. We're working on support for Swift Package Manager, so you'll have the choice of either using CocoaPods or SPM to add Firebase's iOS SDKs into your project.
  5. We're also looking into implementing support for Apple's Combine framework to bring Functional Reactive Programming to Firebase on iOS.

(Peter wrote 4 and 5, he knows about all this iOS stuff I'm just an Android/Web caveman over here)

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The product teams don't like it when we spoil too much for them, so I have to be somewhat vague here.

In addition to the items Sam mentioned above, I'll also add that the Remote Config team is looking to add a number of quality-of-life improvements to make sure your RC setup is easier to manage when your project gets larger and more complicated.

I'll also add that there should be some nice improvements coming to Performance Monitoring, too, so you should considering adding that into your app if you haven't yet.