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Thanks for this AMA Frank, Samuel, Todd and Peter.

I don't use Firebase as much as I did in the past, how does Firebase fit into the current JAMstack ecosystem?

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If you haven't used Firebase much in the recent past, you might be interested to hear we added Firebase Hosting, which provides fast and secure hosting for your web app, static and dynamic content, and microservices. You can host your JAMStack app on Firebase Hosting.

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The key tenet of JAMstack is to serve as much pre-generated and CDN cacheable content as possible. Firebase Hosting's global CDN lets you do that easily with static files, or, if you do want to generate some markup on the fly, lets you easily set up a Cloud Function or Cloud Run container behind the CDN. Both Cloud Functions and Cloud Run scale down to 0 if they're not being used, but auto-scale quickly if you were to get a spike in non-cacheable requests.

Firebase also has databases like Firestore that allow you to retrieve data in realtime on the client without running your own server. The Firebase client-side JS SDKs let you easily authenticate and interact with your Firebase database and other Firebase services directly from client code, while security rules make it easy to secure your data without an additional server layer.