How can I become a better developer?

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As a junior developer, I focus on building everyday. I'm taking right now, I'm going to start, and I use and to brush up on basic concepts. has a free course on building responsive and mobile-first websites. Lastly, is a great resource for short videoes. I also have two web developer mentors whom I rely on for advice on how to become a better coder, to explain key concepts that I'm struggling to understand, and I also rely on online communities when I can't figure something out.

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I found my mentors just by building community and hanging out at events/meetups with likeminded people. I didn't necessarily look for them. They came to me because I genuinely wanted to make friends and connect with people. But I'm sure it helps if you tell your community that you're looking for a mentor, so they can help you find one. I found one of my mentors because I told a good friend that I was starting to code, and she basically said something to the effect of, "Here's my lead tech person. She's super busy, but please come to her for any advice you need."