How can we improve Hashnode's Weekly Roundup newsletter?

Hey Hashnoders 👋

I'd love to hear your feedback on our weekly newsletter 📰 Do you read it? What do you think we should improve? Is it too long or too short? Anything you say will be really valuable to us! Thanks in advance 🌞

P.S. For the ones who aren't yet subscribed, you can go to Settings -> Emails and tick the Hashnode Weekly box.

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Personalized news - This is something I've been missing in many newsletters I get in my mail. It would be nice if you send news, article, etc. based on the nodes one follow.

Update: I saw that the content of the newsletter should be already personalized, but it doesn't feel so. At least not in the last 2 newsletters I checked. I will see the other ones and update further if necessary.

Rearrange the newsletter - What I look for in a newsletter is a valuable information. The sooner I find it, the better the chance to stay and read the whole newsletter. Sharing a quote is a great idea, but you should think of a better place for it.

Less clutter, more value - This is related to the point above. There is just too much text and the links get lost.

Picked Answers - Something I was really keen on was the Picked Answers section in the old newsletters. It showed one of the strongest parts of Hashnode - the community. It's also so satisfying to see your image out there. :)

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Editor in Chief @appsignal, former Community Manager @Hashnode

Thanks for your feedback Kleo Petrov!

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Personalization: The articles and the news should be personalized based on the nodes that I follow (preferably with frequency weighting).

Organization: If the links to the articles were organized under headings with the node name under which they became popular, it'll be much easier to skim through and click on links in relevant sections.

Jobs: While the jobs section on Hashnode is a very interesting addition, the list could be a lot smaller in the newsletter. I understand that you want to push that feature, but having 7-8 listings on the newsletter defeats the purpose. Having 2-3 listings, accompanied by "Read More" would be more than sufficient and hopefully drive traffic to the webapp as well.

[Update]: Unsubscribe per node: Low priority, super advanced feature. Allow users to unsubscribe a node in the newsletter. For example, I like React, but I don't want notifications about it. OTOH, I love reading more about Spring. Some settings to allow unsubscription per node would be useful once you start following a lot of topics and want a focussed newsletter in the e-mail.

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To get a few things out of the way:

  • I am a power user. I prefer control and fine details over a "clean" interface
  • I am a daily Hashnode user, online many hours a day
  • I once received the newsletter and I kept doing so for a long time
  • Since I am online so much, I never really read anything new, so I stopped my subscription

As such, I don't really know much about the current format and degree of information, however imho, a newsletter should do what the name implies: It should contain news. New things. I would be interested in a quote, a Hashnode changelog, WIP features and hot topics and highly upvoted/appreciated posts which I did not view, yet. All in the context of my followed communities.

I very much enjoy the weekly Rust update. It's not called a "newsletter", because it contains so much more. It's called "This Week in Rust." It starts out with a small description of what Rust is and wants to be, so that everyone is reminded regularly and there are no doubts about the goals. Then, they list the most important stuff: Articles and blog posts; 10 in total. They have a crate of the week (post of the week for Hashnode?), call for participation (which questions need attention on Hashnode?), updates from Rust Core (Hashnode changelog and WIP?) and at the bottom events (Hashnode does want to sponsor events, right?), jobs (new Hashnode jobs) and a quote of the week (there you go, a quote :D).

This is just my opinion, and I really don't want the Hashnode newsletter to just copy this format. So far, I really appreciate the weekly Rust letter content and I think many websites could learn from it.

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Editor in Chief @appsignal, former Community Manager @Hashnode

Thanks for your comment Marco Alka! Some things are a bit tricky to do, for example, show you the posts which you haven't seen since we don't track users and don't know what you've seen and what not :D

We'll be testing out new formats, and your insights are really valuable!

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:D i didn'r even know there was one :)

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Co-Founder, Founder, Entrepreneur & Problem Solver

Milica I'm on hashnode a lot so, personally, I don't feel the need for a newsletter. I never really read them anyway, regardless of vendor. So not sure I can be much help in improving it. And I didn't know they existed either lol.

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Hi Milica,

About the only suggestion I have is maybe add trending items from each category (Posts, Blogs, News, etc) relevant to the individual member's selected communities. If they do not have communities selected then just do a general list of trending items. You guys are doing a great job with Hashnode, keep up the good work!


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I think we need to work on the mail alert part, because I'm not able to see any such mail in Inbox.

But anyways, One section we can have as a feed, No of answer, no of blogs, no of news posted, No of jobs posted. One section we can add couple have "Trending discussions" & "Trending Blogs".

Milica Probably i can add more inputs if i can see out current template.

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Let learning process continue | Project Manager @Radware

Yes its enabled only.

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I would love to get a weekly round up newsletter. But I'm not receiving anything.

I think hasnode needs to improve the email notifications. Hashnode is not sending me emails when someone follows me or add answers/comments to my question.

Also, a push notification but would be nice too. So that users can choose how to receive updates: Email or Web push or both.

Currently I've to open Hashnode every morning

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Co-founder & CTO @

I just checked. Yes, I'm receiving that weekly round ups. But it looks too cluttered, hard to read. If you can match the content design similar to Hasnode's site, that would be great.

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There's a newsletter? For what? Not certain what purpose such a thing would serve on a site like this other than being spam.

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The less code you use, the less there is to break

Huh, if I hadn't logged in for a week or so, I'd log in and look.

Not something I'd even have thought of being a 'thing'. Eh, if some people find it useful... I was just unaware it even existed.

Where even is that on the site? I've never seen a link or reference to it before... and searching right now I'm not finding any mention of it. Makes me wonder if ghostery is telling some part of your scripting to bugger off, or if it's being blocked as a false positive for an advert, or something...

Type of thing I'd expect to be in the sidebar on the right... but I can't even find WHERE you'd sign up for it.

Basically if you have one, not only have I never seen it, I can't find where it would be... also rather than mailing it only, a static copy of it (and past 'issues') on the site would be something to implement as well.

Particularly so you can send a text-only copy for those of us who's mail servers use HTML e-mails as a weighting for spam filtering. Or the real nutjob extremists like myself who thing HTML e-mail is something that should NEVER have been allowed to exist in the first place, and should be inherently blocked by all mail servers.

-- edit --

I just quadruple checked, there is no link, form, nor mention of a newsletter to be found ANYWHERE on this website! Well there's your problem...

You have it buried under settings, so unless you go through every last detail of the settings (which most people just gloss past) you'd never know it existed. With the ONLY mention of it being on a page of checkboxes I would out of habit just automatically deselect all of them out of utter and complete distrust, I likely would never have known it existed without this thread about the topic. Probably why j never noticed there was one either.

You want more traffic on it and more interest, you gotta pimp it!