How to Fix Burnout as a Developer?

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I've experienced this first hand. It's not fun and it really does have a significant impact on oneself. You need to reset and let it go for a while. Otherwise you'll keep riding this line of cant be bothered and i hate myself for not doing more. Burnout is a serious thing and should be considered carefully.

I seriously suggest you take some time off, do what you can at work but don't do anything at home - play some games, spend time with loved ones and friends, some something physical.

You could also just explore the community for new libraries, methodology and just general discussions (hashnode is great for all this :P). And don't implement them just read and find something that excites you. But wait a few weeks or maybe even a few months until you've recovered from your burnout. It ended up taking me about 9 months to recover mine but it sometimes still lurks in the background so it's important to recognise when you feel like your having a kind of mini-burnout and adjust your behaviour accordingly.

I really hope you find your passion again and become stronger for it. Hope this helped :).

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