How to implement Bi-directional communication in Pusher with Node.js?

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Don't use pusher :P. Setup a server and run it all yourself.

You could just setup a pub / sub on both sides.
Either that or use a different method of communication channel between entities. What's the use case?

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shubham urolagin If you're building a crpytocurrency trading application you should be using deepstream - you need the extra configuration and you dont want the imposed rate limit and limit on the size of messages with pusher. Deepstream was built by people who were / are traders for trading. Only other option would be to build a different one from the ground up.

I know this because I started building a crypto trading platform a couple years back using deepstream. I understand you don't wish to manage the infrastructure but I strongly advise you reconsider given the purpose.

Happy to chat further / help where I can in messages or discord if you need. Hope your project goes well either way :).

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Hipkiss Thank you very much. Will definitely look into this. Will get in touch for more clarifications in chat, thank you for your time! :)