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How to Set Up a Custom Domain on Devblog

Devblog is a blogging platform for developers which allows you to blog on your own domain for free.

Setting up Devblog on your domain

Please visit your blog and click on your dashboard - ⚙ in the top right angle. If you can't see the gear, that means you're not logged in on

If you are using Safari or use any ad-blockers that block cross-site cookies you may not see the dashboard icon. To avoid this, you should use Chrome/FF or enable cross-site cookies for Safari and ad-blockers. As we're in the beta phase, we're still testing out solutions for this problem.

Now, go to the "Domain" tab and enter your domain URL.

Head over to your DNS provider and add a CNAME record that points to Devblog. You'll find all the details in the instructions provided on the dashboard. We'll automatically provision an SSL certificate for you when you visit your blog for the first time.

Keep in mind that not all providers allow their users to add a CNAME at the root level (@). If your provider doesn't support this (a.k.a CNAME flattening), you can add an A record which will map your domain name to our IP address. You can find the IP address for your A record on the dashboard, in the CNAME instructions section. However, you will lose the benefits of our global CDN and edge caching with this approach.

How to utilize Devblog CDN if your DNS provider doesn't support CNAME flattening

If you'd like to use our custom CDN which makes your blog run super fast ⚡, but your DNS provider doesn't support CNAME flattening, we have a workaround for you.

Moving to Cloudfare

Sign up on Cloudfare, set up a free account, and follow their instructions to switch to their nameservers. This way, you'll be able to utilize their free DNS.

Now, you can move to their dashboard and add a CNAME record where the host name is @ and the corresponding value is

Switching to Hashnode's CDN

In order to use Hashnode's CDN, make sure to turn off Cloudfare's CDN by clicking on the orange cloud under the "Status" field. The cloud should change colour from orange to grey.

Your DNS settings should look like this now.

properly set up Devblog

That's it, your blog is supercharged now ⚡ 🎉

In case you run into any troubles, feel free to send us a message on Hashnode, leave a comment on this post or email us at , and we'll be there to help out.

Start a personal dev blog on your domain for free and grow your readership.

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Colin Codes's photo

Thanks for the tutorial!

Is it possible to serve my Hashnode blog from a sub-directory? I doesn't look like I can do this with DNS records.

I'd like to point to my portfolio, and to point to my hashnode blog.

Aman Goyal's photo

Hi colin, I am looking for same thing. I am wondering if you were able to find something?

Bhupesh Varshney's photo

Even after I am logged in it's still not showing that icon

Sandeep Panda's photo

Hey Bhupesh! Have you requested access to devblog? You can do so here: Once we unlock your blog, you can see the gear icon.

samyek sonawane's photo

Hi Milica Maksimović

I tried to change my DNS but it showing some error, can you please tell me where am i doing it wrong!

Screenshot 2019-06-07 at 1.56.42 AM.png

And the URL for the blog has changed too, but when visited it says parked domain.

Please Help😅

Milica Maksimović's photo

To anyone reading - This has been answered by Sandeep on Discord.

Programuju Aran's photo

Hi! I cannot access my devblog, because I ve changed my domain to an imaginery one. How can I change it back to the previous state?

Musa Musa's photo

Hi Sandeep Panda, my dashboard keeps redirecting me to sign in, even when I'm already signed in, it shows the dashboard in a flash and redirects to sign again. What am I doing wrong?

Kishore's photo

That was super quick. I am able to connect my main domain and it started working rightaway. Thanks. Only request is I can't find any doc/process to link sub-domain www also to my blog?

My main domain is and I also want to link to the same blog.

Gavin Kimpson's photo

Have added the CNAME record via the Digital Ocean networking tab (as per the screenshot below) but it doesn't seem to work for me - any ideas? I am trying to add this to the root of the domain e.g but Digital Ocean doesn't let me just add 'gavk' as requested by the Hashnode docs