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I am Alex Russell. Ask me anything.


  • What are a few things you do to manage your time?

  • What are some things that contributed to your success?

  • What are a few of your favorite functions that you wrote that contribute to your workflow? ( maybe a bash function or a script that opens your entire work environment)

I manage my time by acknowledging that I only get 8-10 hours to work in a day. My younger self worked constantly and it was a terrible idea. I did worse work, slowly, and had less impact because I didn't give myself the constraints that gave me perspective. Setting hard limits on work time is something Frances Berriman taught me, and I'm forever grateful for it.

To the extent that I'm successful, it has been luck and perseverance (in that order). Anyone who is even moderately successful and thinks "hard work" got them there is delusional. Nearly everyone works doesn't distinguish you. What distinguishes you is random chance falling your way. In my case that was parents who had computers & were supportive; also being born white, male, middle-class, and in a family that valued education. Yes, it's important to take the chances you get, but in general I view "how to succeed" stories and advice through the lens of survivorship bias -- and from there, it mostly looks like bunk.

The things I helped develop that contribute most meaningfully to my workflow on the, probably ES6 Classes, Promises, async/await, and Custom Elements.

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