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Another question:

We have seen many blockchain influencers talking about Blockchain and Fintech, Blockchain and Health, etc. But no one talks about the type of companies that are not fit for blockchain.

Do you think every Internet company can be ported into blockchain? Which domains are you sure blockchain is not made for.

In most cases you can use a blockchain, it's just that it doesn't buy you a lot. I would also differentiate between public and private ledgers.

  • The benefits of a private ledger over a simple database is better data integrity and replication, it's not world-changing, but I do think it has some value.

  • The benefits of a public ledger is censorship resistance and Internet scale.

I would say domains which don't benefit from this type of scale or which don't require a high level of trust don't really gain from the use of blockchains. In general, anything that's not centered around tracking assets is not very likely to be a good fit.

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