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Thank you all for the awesome questions and the kind words! It's been fun! 🍻

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Alexis's photo

Hi Ben, ReactiveX library for JavaScript sounds dreadful. How would you explain RxJS to a noob? 😊

Thanks for the AMA. 🍺

Ben Lesh's photo

Haha... It's not that bad.

I think that it's important to get people to start off slowly and not just dive into every operator and being "fully reactive". I recommend people start small and just learn how to subscribe to observables, maybe try filter and map... then work their way up to merging, error handling, etc.

Sivabalan's photo

I saw your article on Embular. Did you believe that Ember and angular will be merged on some day? Did you spoke regarding this with those team?

Are you working on react? If it is yes, when you will choose angular and react ?

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No. I don't think Ember and Angular will be merged. I think they share a lot of ideas, and despite a perhaps thorny past, the two teams seem to get along pretty well, and there's been some collaboration between the two in recent years. In particular the initial AngularCLI was based directly off of EmberCLI. But I don't think they'll merge, they are two different organizations run by two different types of entities.

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Hi Ben, The internet hasn't been good to Angular this year. What's your take on it? What went wrong with Angular? Why I don't hear fellow developers recommend Angular for any projects?

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Some of it is echo chambers. If you're in the React community, that's all you'll hear about, same for Angular. The Angular conferences I've been to are MASSIVE. Easily some of the biggest conferences I go to. I don't think it's going bad for Angular at all, and I've seen a lot of growth.

Now that said, I do think there things Angular can do to improve, and I know they're doing those things. Making Angular simpler and faster being the primary thing there.

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What coding editor do you use and why?

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Paul Watts's photo

Love life-long learning and sharing knowledge

I've just switched to VSCode and amazed at how good it is. Great to hear your recommendation for it.

Daniel Wulff's photo

What's your work like outside of open source? How is the team dynamic different in your 'day job' vs rxjs?

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Well, in my day job I work directly with other developers, who are all brilliant folks, in-person. I eat lunch with them. I have a lot of design reviews and meetings and such. In RxJS I'm working with brilliant devs as well, but it's a little more asynchronous, meaning that I don't get a lot of face-time, and a lot of the work is done in my off-hours and spare time, then communicated to someone like OJ Kwon for review.

So overall the feel is just different. Not better or worse. I do wish I could work in-person with other RxJS contributors, but that's just not how OSS works usually.