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What motivated you to start working out consistently? How seriously do you take the food you eat as a part of it? Do you think it helps with your work?

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Well, a lot of things motivated me. I didn't like where my life/body were headed, once I started doing a lot of talks, I started seeing more and more pictures of myself and thinking "Whoa, I look really fat and old" haha.

The food you eat is 90% of fitness, easily. Weightloss and fatloss is about calorie deficit. Muscle growth is about ensuring you have enough calories, protein and nutrients to rebuild muscle you're purposefully damaging in the gym. "Abs are made in the kitchen" is totally true.

I have no doubt it helps with my work. It's much easier to stay focused when your body is properly fueled and you have a little exercise to balance out your blood sugar. If you don't feel like crap it's easier to get your work done.

I've also noticed people take me a lot more seriously and I have more pleasant interactions with people throughout the day since I've lost weight. It's unfortunate, but people do treat fit people better than overweight people, so that's been a positive effect too.