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What is a product you've built that you're really proud of?

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Other than RxJS (obvious)... I once wrote a vector graphics processing engine for a small garment customization shop in Columbus, OH. It would look up your school/high school, get colors, mascots, names, etc, and generate dozens of designs based on procedural templates, and even render them onto images of garments with perspective and everything. It did all of this in a second or two, and all in the backend. I was written with C# and GDI+. Such a fun thing to write. Even cooler, when you ordered the design, it would take the vector image, generate an SVG file, and send it to the designer for approval, saving TONS of work recreating the design in Illustrator. AFAIK, that code is still backing the design customization stuff on areswear.com (although the website is not the one I worked on 7-8 years ago)