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How to get a job in a big tech company like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook? And what should I do for it?

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cloud advocate @ Microsoft

Hey Ajit!

Great question. My first "big tech job" was Reddit. I got that job by posting in the JavaScript subreddit and they messaged me so not super reproducible.

My best advice see if you can make friends with people that work at those companies. They'll be able to give you advice on how to pass the interviews, what they ask, and if you want to work there. Sarah Drasner helped me get my job at Microsoft and Derrick Showers helped me get my job at LinkedIn. Knowing someone always helps.

Beyond that, brushing up on your interview skills is essential. Being a good engineer and a good interviewee are (unfortunately) orthogonal skill sets. Cracking the Coding Interview, Code Katas, and all those things that help you reason through abstract problems quickly will help with Big Tech's silly interview process.

Hope that helps!