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What productivity tools do you use in your daily routine?

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  1. Google Calendar / Outlook. I use the former for personal stuff and the latter for work stuff. If it's not on my calendar I won't get it done. I have no memory anymore.

  2. Focus (focusapp,io) If I need to be super-heads-down to get something out the door right now, I'll use Focus. I work for 50 minutes and then pause for 8 minutes. I've also found recently that if I listen to music via records that by the time one side has finished I'm ready for a break.

  3. Visual Studio Code. Spending time getting familiar with your editor just helps you fly when you're working instead of hunting for shortcuts. Invest time in your tools.

  4. Way too much paper. I write a lot of sticky notes. I tried to keep it in Google Keep but I just need to write stuff down.