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Not sure if I'm allowed two questions but I'm curious what your stance is on making F/OSS sustainable, if you have any thoughts/opinions on the subject!

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Oh man, I wish I had a good idea for it. OSS maintainers deserve more than they get. I think Open Collective and Patreon are great platforms so that maintainers can recoup costs and have some people like Henry Zhou can go full time on projects like Babel.

We, companies like Microsoft, need to donate more. And I think that'll go a long way too. I'd love to see more companies like Formidable give employees 20% time to go work on OSS. That'd be amazing too.

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Out of curiosity, I saw a project that basically enables users to file issues and receive support if they pay for it. I don't remember all the ins-and-outs (don't even remember the name of the project) but do you think if we, as an industry, promoted this type of behavior across the board, would see OSS become more stabilized? For example, having to pay for support for 50 libs (even at $5 per month) will get out of hand but if we collectively donated like $5 per month and then a committee/org oversaw funds going to actively maintained projects, that would be more feasible for everyone. I don't know if you'd be willing to comment since this AMA is finished but would be interested in this type of discussion. Collectively, we could get a lot more done (I assert, at least) instead of donating to individual projects (but, not replacing those financial contributions/donations either).