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Hi Brian! Big fan of your work. So for someone completely new to the field, could you help me understand the difference between traditional software development and developer advocate roles? What kind of skills set one apart from the other? It’s been a while since i’ve been seeing this terms and as a future developer (or developer advocate?) i wanted to get this difference cleared up. thanks!

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Developer advocates draw on past experiences as engineers and the tools their companies offer to help people solve their own problems. I use my experience at Netflix and my knowledge of Azure to help people understand how Azure Functions can help them iterate faster.

Most good dev advcoates will have a lot of technical experience solving the same sorts of problem that much of the industry is also trying to solve. The dev advocate will do more technical writing, public speaking, and consulting as part of their role than a developer will do typically. So if your ambition to do speaking, writing, and consulting then a dev advocate role will be perfect for you.