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You know better than us that Vuejs is at the same level of other more famous view models (like react, angular, polymer, etc.), many times even superior.

Although the evident dominance of those frameworks, Vuejs' growth looks like a hockey stick so far... What do you think is still needed for Vuejs to continue sustaining the exponential growth, go mainstream and be massively adopted?

Have you been ever been tempted to make it a full stack framework?

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The sad truth is for a lot of enterprises, their criteria for picking React/Angular is first because Facebook/Google is behind them. Their choices in turn affect the job market and it's a marketing advantage Vue simply doesn't have.

However, I believe Vue can compete with any major frameworks out there technically, and the advantage of Vue is its intuitiveness of the API and how easy it is to onboard a new dev to the team. I think Vue's current growth is primarily coming from individual developers and small teams, and there's still some marketing work to be done to make it more "adoptable" from an enterprise perspective.

I have messed around with paring up Vue with RethinkDB for a reactive stack, but at this moment there's enough work on the frontend alone, and also because Vue's beauty is that it works with any backend, so I'm probably not going that route any time soon.