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A few sites include a random string at the end of the URL like below:


What is the relevance of the random string in the end?

Given it has no SEO value (and infact makes the URL longer so if anything a slight negative SEO value), does it serve a usefulness in any different context?

I understand it can be turned off, but why not turned off by default?

Thanks a bunch!

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Previously when there was no personal blogging angle, every post used to live on hashnode.com domain. To prevent permalink collision, we had to insert a unique identifier in the URL. It's a pretty common pattern among content sites.

Today it's turned off by default unless you choose to publish on hashnode.com (not personal blog).

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Sandeep Panda ah! I get it. Thanks a bunch for the response. Carry on with the amazing work on the platform and all the best!