I am helping thousands of dev bloggers attain creative freedom with Hashnode. I am Sandeep Panda, ask me anything!

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Hey Sandeep,

Thanks for taking the stress away from creating and hosting personal blogs. I have a couple of questions:

  • What is the future of Hashnode?
  • Any plans to release a mobile app?

Keep doing great things!

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Hey Jacob

Thanks for the nice words.

What is the future of Hashnode?

We want to build a platform that helps developers own their content and get readership from day 0. We are just getting started and want to replicate what GitHub did to social coding.

tldr; Our long term vision is to make Hashnode the go-to place for developer blogging.

Any plans to release a mobile app?

We are building a light weight app that helps you discover interesting articles from Hashnode. Nothing fancy -- just a simple feed. Once we ship it, we'll gradually add features and improve.