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I am Jay Phelps. Ask me anything.


Hi Jay, Thanks for the AMA!

What's like to work at Netflix's Engineering team? What's the best & worst thing about it? πŸ€“

You're welcome! Thanks for the question.

Netflix has been the best company I've worked for, by far. Above all I enjoy the freedom they give us. Freedom to make positive decisions as well as freedom to make mistakes without fear of retribution or shame. Very little bureaucracy. Want to use the new hot framework? Your call, do what's best for the company. Same thing for vacation and so many other things. It's not for everyone though: some people don't do well in an environment where they don't have guard rails. For a lot of roles here, the onus is on you to set priorities, make tech decisions, etc. There are no distinct engineering leads or architects. All engineers are flat, same level. This is so exciting and refreshing when working on projects. From a technical experience, I love love love this. At the same time it's probably my least favorite thing from a totally selfish perspective, as you won't ever get that title "promotion" to Level VI or whatevs, but you definitely still get paid top of personal market. Title's aren't nearly as important to me though as it might have been early in my career.

I highly recommend our culture doc, which was crafted/edited/debated collectively by everyone here and does a great job of representing:

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