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I am Rob Dodson. Ask me anything.

Rob is a Developer Advocate at Google working with the Polymer and Chrome teams.

Ask Rob Dodson about:

  • Developing with Google Chrome
  • Polymer Project
  • Web accessibility
  • Web Components
  • Life at Google
  • Google Dev Ecosystem
  • Open Source and more

Thanks folks! It was fun chatting with you all. If ever have any additional questions you can always ping me on the twitters @rob_dodson. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Polymer 3 future? It seems that the polymer is already dead and will be replaced by lit-html and lit-element.

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I think the way the team sees it is that lit-element is the future, but we want to figure out how to migrate there. Polymer 3 is a good way of going about it because it lets you easily migrate your Polymer 2 elements—especially helpful if they're complex—while also being able to use lit elements on the same page. That's actually pretty cool, IMO. In the past, if you wanted to upgrade frameworks, you usually needed to throw everything away and do a rewrite. In this system, you can do things at your own pace.

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What is your take on the importance of mentorship? How should junior developers go about finding mentors?

That's a good question. I wish I had a better answer, haha :)

One thing I found super useful was to blog. I know blogs maybe seem a bit dated these days, but to explain something in my own words forced me to understand it better. I think sites like Hashnode are also great because folks can share their posts and discuss them in an arena that's supportive and has things like community guidelines and codes of conduct.

Going to local meetups can also be great. Not necessarily for finding a mentor (though that may happen) but more so just to build a sense of community. I know that if you're learning to code by yourself it can feel pretty isolating, so having a place where you can go maybe once a month to check in with folks can really keep you motivated.

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Hi Rob, thanks for hosting this AMA. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for creating and implementing the :focus-visible spec. So far it has been super useful!

What accessibility issues do you think should require more attention? And how can you best convince your clients to invest (more) time on accessibility?

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Thanks, Rob!

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Hi Rob, Thanks for hosting the AMA on Hashnode. ❤️

Which browser do Googlers use to develop apps? Are you guys allowed to use FireFox, Safari or something other than Chrome as the primary browser?

Also, what's your take on new FireFox Quantum?

Hey Sandra!

We're allowed and encouraged to use all browsers when building apps. Unfortunately we still sometimes see teams launching Chrome-only experiences. We have a small task force, led by folks like Alex Russell and Surma, who are doing a lot of internal advocacy to reach out to these teams and help them make sure they support all browsers.

I like Firefox Quantum, it feels nice and snappy :)

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what is your development steps to launch any platform with polymer like google play music or youtube on polymer? i mean how you guys do please explain from start to end like which tools you use for what process and how you decide everything and how you test that platforms to make sure it will work fine with billions of users and which liberary you use for testing and log and ui logs and for production logs with polymer?

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