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What do you think (about below)? Please correct me where you feel I need insight.

I know it's been some years since you proposed Clojure as the last language. But, considering the importance and benefit of having a last language, shouldn't a little pragmatism be involved? To get straight to the point I see a real possibility for C++. No one owns it and it has been cooperatively evolving . It has momentum for programmers defining it and owning it. It is modernizing yet bridges the past. Allows the programmer to choose a paradigm. It's paradigm limitations can be corrected by evolution. It has proven to be evolvable by an existing cooperation dominated by programmers. Social momentum is invaluable because creating such momentum is a crap shoot and people are fickle. Basically with this broadly capable language there is at least a little leverage that allows programmers to make historical decisions rather than letting computer history (fads) happen to the programmers. I imagine the moving targets (new languages and API's) scattered around are sucking a lot of energy and productivity out of software development.