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I am Todd Motto. Ask me anything.


Hi Todd, Thanks for doing this AMA. :)

What's your opinion on ReactJS and VueJS? When would you recommend a developer to use Angular over React and Vue?

Hey Anant! Thanks for the great question. I’ve a bit more experience with React than I do Vue (having said that, I do pay a lot of attention to both communities and their direction). I really really like JSX, I kinda miss it over in the Angularsphere - but there are plenty of shiny features for me to play with over there :D

As for recommendations, I rather give folks some details where they’re able to make their own mind up on the technology they’d rather work with - I don’t think pushing people in a direction will make them “like” something more. If you’re considering a project, and have the time/capability - I’d highly suggest prototyping a few ideas with different options (React / Angular / Vue) to see what your team’s consensus is, as well as thinking about project longevity.

I think we've also come to a consensus on the web that components are the way forward - I think nowadays it's picking the right lib/framework that's the right flavour for you :)

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