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I am Todd Motto. Ask me anything.


Hey Todd, Thanks for this!

How do you level up and keep your skills relevant? Tutorials, side projects or something else? What the best way you have found to become proficient working with new languages/frameworks/etc.

Howdy Jay! This is honestly the toughest part of what I do. Some days I think about giving up for a week or so, and other days I wonder why I have those thoughts at times :D

With anything, it's all about persistence. Persistence mixed with context switching. I couldn't build X Project for 300 days straight. However, I could build X Project for 3 days, 2 days Z Project and so forth. Keeps the mind sharp, and when you "relax" a little from a project (for me at least) I can come back to what I was working on with a fresher perspective to tackle what I need to do.

For me, I gather a lot of information online, run through docs, open source projects, look at best practices, architectural patterns and how APIs fit into the equation. I guess the best way to sum it up:

Instead of just "using an API", find out why it exists and it's purpose in the big picture. That helps answer most questions, and the coding can begin :D

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