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I am Wes Bos. Ask me anything.


Wes, Please talk a little bit about CSS Grid Layout. When I look at it, I can't imagine why almost everybody seems hyped about it. Comparing it to Flexbox code I see now much more code, new CSS units, new CSS rules, new everything. Writing more code can't make people happy I guess. But why are so many freaking about CSS Grid Layout?

It's all about the flexibility - from the outside it seems like a headache but that is because you haven't learned it yet. We saw the same thing with flexbox as well.

With flexbox and grid being supported, it's going to open up an amazing world of layouts - things that both were really hard before but also things that just were not possible before.

It's gonna be awesome and I'll make a free course on it once I get a handle on it myself :)

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